ABS is thermoplastic resin made from three-dimensional monomer of Acrylonitrile, Butadiene,and Styrene.
It has a wide range of applications such as electric/electronic parts, automotive parts and so on.


Product Classification

Category Grade Features Applications
ABS General Purpose High impact, high fluidity, high gloss, painting Helmets, pipes, vacuum cleaners, washing machines, toys, telephones
Heat Resistant High gloss, scratch resistance, cost reduction(painting cost and defect rate reduction) Automobile interior and exterior materials, housings for electric and electronic products
ASA General, extrusion, and heat resistance Automobiles, motorcycles, construction materials
Transparent High impact, extrusion, and chemical resistance Toys, housings for electric and electronic products
Flame-retardant Non-halogen, high fluidity, heat resistance TVs, monitor housings, TV/OA housings, VCRs, printers, fax machines, microwave ovens, digital cameras, camcorders, computers, CD-ROM bezels, adapters, etc.
Low Gloss Heat resistance, extremely high heat resistance Automobile interior materials
Anti-scratch High gloss, scratch resistance TVs, monitors, DVDs, audios, air cleaners
Plating High fluidity, high impact Automotive parts(radiator grille, door handle, hub cap), washing machine doors, faucets
Extrusion High fluidity, high impact, General Sheets for refrigerators, briefcases, bobbins
Blow Molding Heat resistance Automobile exterior materials(spoiler, bumper guard, etc.)
01      Electric and electronic devices
02      Telecommunication components
03      Interior and exterior automotive components
04      Everyday plastics such as electronic home appliances, toys, disposable containers and general merchandise